Friday, April 27, 2007

A Poem on Darfur by activist Tim Nonn

Our Lady of the Bombs

Where does God weep every day
for the people of Darfur if not
beside a woman who has been raped
by government soldiers, if not
next to a child whose father vanished
in the flames that devoured his village
like the pages of a book turning to light
on the streets of Berlin in 1933, if not
within the bombed heart of Mother
loving us, her children, even in all that smoke
and evaporated tears, tears rising
like gilded angels captured in frames,
tears rising and falling
until the last heart on earth
opens so wide there is space inside
for God to rest,
a place that is safe from bombs,
a refuge for creation.

Tim Nonn
10 April 2007
Petaluma, CA
Revrend Tim Nonn, Ph.D, is the Project Director of International Citizens' Tribunal for Sudan ( and a very active advocate on Darfur within the faith community in the US.

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marilyn said...

If there is a God, why would (s)he allow this to happen?