Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20th: The International Refugees Day

Press Release

Amherst, MA June 20th, 2007
Today, as we mark the World Refugee Day 2007, almost three million Darfurian people in Western Sudan have lost their homes as a direct result of the government of Sudan's brutal policy of genocide. This number of displaced people comprises more than half of the population in Darfur.
We should not let the murderous regime of President Omer Bashir get away with this genocide of its own citizens. The regime should stop the delaying tactics that it has continued over the past year in ignoring UN resolutions to protect the victims in Darfur..

We, in the Western Mass. Darfur Coalition, call for our legislators, at the state and federal levels, to put more pressure on the Bush administration to make more effective the sanctions on the regime in Khartoum. Any sanctions should target the perpetrators and avoid hurting the Sudanese people.
Let this year's World Refugee Day serve as a reminder of our responsibility to help keep hope alive among those who need it most: the millions of refugees worldwide and those internally displaced in Darfur.

Western Massachusetts Darfur Coalition is a grassroots initiative founded in 2005 in response to the tragedy in Darfur and to help put pressure on our legislators to stop the genocide in Darfur. To contact us, email or phone 413-687-8036. Our blog is:

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