Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Darfur Alert Org on the Obama New Policy for Sudan

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Read here more on the new Obama Admin for Darfur:

Darfur Leaders Network
Press Release
Contact: Ibrahim Hamid
New Sudan Policy Welcome, Stronger Implementation Plan Needed
October 19, 2009
Darfur Leaders Network (DLN) commends Obama administration for unveiling the long awaited policy review on Sudan and for developing a clear statement of U.S. policy in support of a sustainable peace in Sudan. DLN welcomes the renewal of sanctions on the Government of Sudan (GoS) for its actions in Darfur, the emphasis on accountability for genocide and its assertion’s that counter-terrorism cooperation should not trump other U.S. policy priorities and cannot be used as “..a bargaining chip to evade (GoS) responsibilities in Darfur. DLN also applauds the administration commitment to support the UNAMID and the strategy of multilateral path and durable solution to the conflict in Darfur and the inclusion of all segments of Darfuri society to address the root causes of the conflict – including political representation and development – as well as compensation for survivors and reconciliation. DLN as a representative of Darfuri Diaspora in the U.S. welcomes any constructive engagement in implementing the strategy of durable solutions to Darfur conflict.

However, DLN remains cautious as the new policy falls short of dealing with the larger question of humanitarian, security and justice issues. The policy lacks clear implementation guidelines to address the government of Sudan’s new offensive in Darfur, and the problems of humanitarian access to meet the needs of displaced people and their safe return. Over the past six years more than three million people remain displaced from their homes and living in camps suffering difficult conditions. To date no single Sudanese official or janjaweed leader was brought to justice for orchestrating what the administration itself called genocide and no efforts have been made to disarm the janjaweed militias.
Darfurians believe that sustainable peace in Darfur is not just drafting a sound policy but it requires meaningful implementations. The Administration’s special envoy diplomatic efforts to date have led Darfurians to question whether the new policy, as unveiled today, will be fully implemented and real retroactive pressure will be imposed on GoS to meet its existing contractual commitments.

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