Sunday, June 19, 2005

Please come to Darfur Planning Meeting: Thursday, June 23rd

Please come to our next Darfur Coalition Meeting on Thursday, June 23rd at 5 pm at the Talking Drum Cafe on 413 Main St. in Holyoke, MA. We need to continue our focus on ending the murders and rapes in Darfur.

We are open to any suggestions to what actions to take next. Please bring them to the meeting. We shall discuss how colleges and cities can divest of investments in Darfur. We also want to encourage towns to pass the following Darfur Resolution:

Darfur Resolution

The Town of ______ is committed to the defense of the rule of law, including basic standards of international law and international human rights which are contained in treaties signed by the United States such as the United Nations Charter, the Geneva Conventions, the Convention Against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CERD), the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), and the American Convention of Human Rights, which are part of the “supreme law of the land” according to the U.S. Constitution, and hereby resolves:

  1. The Town’s racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity, including the presence of residents of varied national origins from throughout the world is one of our community’s greatest strengths;
  2. An increasing number of these residents are of African immigrant origin, and include many from the Sudan;
  3. The Sudanese presence here, and throughout the United States in increasing numbers during the last few years reflects the longstanding armed conflicts and authoritarian rule which have prevailed in that country over the last 50 years. Authoritarian rule has produced the forced displacement of millions of people from southern Sudan and from the Darfur region;
  4. The Town of _____ took note of the United Nation report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur, which resulted in the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution No. 1593, in which the Security Council decided to refer the situation prevailing in Darfur since 1 July 2002 to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Therefore, our community stand with the victims of the atrocities in Darfur in affirming their basic human rights and struggle for democracy in their homeland, and urge the residents of this community and of other communities in the United States and around the world to join the call for:

a) International action to end killing and provide security for millions of internally displaced people of Darfur and to facilitate the voluntary return to their land and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their homes.

b) Urgent humanitarian relief to address the current serious situation.

c) Full accountability and the end of impunity for these systematic human rights violations will create the road to an overall peace negotiation and process of democratic transition.

d) The need to promote healing and reconciliation that includes redress for the victims and their families. In this respect the creation of healing institutions such as Truth and Reconciliation Commissions with involvement of all sectors of Sudanese society is essential. These healing mechanisms are to complement judicial processes and thereby reinforce the efforts to restore long-lasting peace, with African Union and international support.

e) US Government and the other countries to fully cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its investigations and proceedings. Sudanese Human rights activists in our community are concerned that recent anti-terrorism cooperation policy between the US and the Sudan might let key perpetrators of the Darfur crimes get impunity.

The Town of _______ stands with the global community and condemns the atrocities occurring in Darfur region of Sudan. We recognize our moral obligation to stop this genocide. We are committed to alerting our community to the urgency of the situation in Darfur and working together to end this human tragedy now.



Anonymous said...

Read Below Letter Sent March 24th,
Citibank ethics the rape the molesters their lies and more, please sign
Please sign our petition at pray for justice.
Please help us if you can along with the Senator, the letter below were sent to the Senator
Go to---, then type in “Working mother and Citibank ethics‘ for search .or,
go to,
then click on sign a petition
go to the bottom of the page, click on all petition
go down to the 'w' and click on Working mother and Citibank ethics
at the bottom of the petition click on ' sign petition' they will ask you if this is Damari, click on log out and cintinue from there
I need 1000 signatures within 4 months or my petition will be taken off I have would have to start over, please sign and tell a friend.
I also received a virus sent from a, and gad to buy a new computer and they did nothing about it, never got back to me about it,to confirm if it was their employee.
Working mother at Citibank, how did they make the list of the “Best 100 Companies for Working Mothers? Fired for putting daughters needs first? Fired via UPS, 12 days before Christmas?
Why would a man who feels and believes that what he is doing is right, hide behind a letter of termination by sending it via UPS? Because he was afraid to do it in person and was too much of a coward to wait for me to return? Or because he was on a power trip? Or is he just mean and unsure of himself? None of this makes sense.
Please forward to anyone that could help us, thanks.
Keep this story going so we can get help. Tell a friend to tell a friend, how else can the little guy fight corporate America?
Working mother at Citibank, how did they make the list of the “Best 100 Companies for Working Mothers?
Please forward to anyone that could help us, thanks.
Keep this story going so we can get help. Tell a friend to tell a friend, how else can the little guy fight corporate America
March 24 2007
To: Senator Barbara Boxer
Also: Jason J Chan,
1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 240
San Francisco, Ca.94111

Dear Senator Barbara Boxer, Re: Response by the U.S. Department of Labor

I agree that I mentioned to Ronan Byrne that Citibank had violated the Family and Medical Leave Act, but I don’t believe that I said , I was fired for taking FMLA. I have never felt that I was fired for that reason. FMLA was never brought up to me by Citibank, FMLA was brought up to me by Met Life after papers were filed for STD. In fact, Met Life had told me not to fill out the papers for FMLA just STD and LTD.
In, October 2005 I was told that the bank was going to start opening on Saturday, I explained to the manager that this would be stressful and a financial burden for my family and I. I explained that my husband worked Saturdays and my daughters was involved in sports, on the volleyball team and that I was team mom. I explained to him that I feared leaving my daughter alone because I had been raped at her age and molested earlier in life. I explained that earlier that year my daughter had been followed home and that is why I was cutting my hours back from 5 to 3. A police report was filed with Seaside PD. I also explained to Citibank how many child molesters there our within ½ mile of my house, and I explained that my daughter had tryouts on Nov. 5, 2005 in Salinas and my husband was already scheduled to work. Although the manager had two other tellers scheduled for that day he would not allow me to change weekends. On Nov. 7 and 8, my blood pressure was up and the doctor told me to take the rest of day off on the 7th and the 8th. Although I did not wish to work Saturdays to care for my daughter , the manager had asked me to go home and talk to my family, which I did. The manager also suggested that I bring my daughter to work and have her go in the back room and watch videos. The manger asked me to meet him half way and at least work one. After talking to my family I asked if I could work on the 3rd Saturday of every month along with my 5 days a week scheduled, my husband agreed to take the 3rd Saturday of each month off to tend to my daughters needs. Two days or so after I discussed this with the manager he calls me just as I am getting off of work and said “:sorry it will have to be 2 Saturdays a month. Yet a teller with less seniority and not as good as I was asked for Tuesdays and Thursdays off and it was granted. I was only asking for one day off a month she was asking for 8 days off a month and she requested this about 3 weeks after my request.
On the first Saturday that I was schedule they already had 2 other tellers and the managers boss had spoken to me on my cell phone while I was at the doctors office with my daughter waiting to see the doctor. I told her that my daughter had tryouts and that I was driving her there as long has she wasn’t to ill to tryout. My daughters ended up having bronchitis . During our conversation I had said I wouldn’t be in and the manager had also been told along with the supervisor bit I was threaten with a write up if I didn’t go in. Why was the manager flexible with Andrea schedule and not mine. Why was it ok for her to do her homework at the counter, leave about $10,000.00 out and never get written up?
The manager wrote me up, 5 days later, he could have written me up on the 7th, 8th, 9th, but didn’t , he wrote me up after getting my letter and calling me to find out if the letter was just for him, which it was. The following Saturday that I was scheduled was the 19th, and on the 17th I had gone to the doctors, after work, my blood pressure was up again and the doctor put me out of work for the 18th, 19th,and 20th. The state that in early November, 2005, that I didn’t show up to work during the week, this is a LIE and I had always called in. The only time that I personally didn’t call in was on12/12/05 because my doctor had called in for me due to my blood pressure and also faxed in a note. Andrea had her mother call in for her and she didn’t get fired but my doctor calls in for me and I get fired, why? Citibank did not decide to terminate me in November, Jeff Ursino decided to terminate me because I ask that I be contacted via email to protect me health. I f Citibank had decided to fire me then were was my final check and exit interview and why fire me in the middle of a workers comp pending case? California codes were not follow by Jeff Ursino or the bank. When I requested my file there was no notes that I record had been reviewed or that HR gave Jeff Ursino permission to fire me, why? I was given a medical note not to work on Dec. 6th and then it was extended on Dec. 12 -16th. Citibank states or the letter from US Dept. Of Labor that I sent in my note at the same time that I was being sent the termination letter, yet another lie.
Kathleen Munoz had been faxed the disability note on the 12th of Dec. Jeff Ursino decided to fire me on 12/13/05, sometime after 1:45 pm, after reading my email. At that point the manager suggested to HR that I be terminated immediately, although he acknowledges receiving my email. I f the termination letter was being sent out at the same time I was sending my note in were was my final paycheck? Citibank rescinded the termination because I did not qualify for unemployment and State disability due to a program the bank carries. But had I not gone thru these steps they would not have rescinded their decision. They rescinded , in my opinion because they realized that Jeff Ursino had made some errors, they ignored that I was ill and they realized that he fired me during an open workers comp case. In fact, Chrys Smith, of HR ,called Carla at Travelers Insurance for workers comp on the 14th of Dec. 2005 to see how the case was going, at that point she was told that it would probably be denied, but she never mention to workers comp that I had been terminated via UPS the day before. I did not apply for workers comp at the end of my Short Term Disability Leave Plan, the workers comp case was started 11/22/05, or so.
Again just more lies by Citibank, Jeff Ursino and Kathleen Munoz.
Citibank continues to give false statements. Please don’t stop helping us they are not telling the truth. You have returned my binder to me, thank you , but the proof is all in there, now what do I do? Citibank did not behave in good faith, not fair and equal treatment of all employees. They would tell clients that I left to work for my husband or that I was on vacation, anything but the truth.
Damari Stratford, 1291 Ord Grove Ave, Seaside, Ca 93955 831-583-9077

Anonymous said...

Please help us by signing our petition regarding …
“Working mothers and Citibank ethics.”
Go to--
Mother fired, 12 days before Christmas, while out ill on a workers comp pending case, with a doctors note, fired via UPS. Citibank broke California labor codes & some employees at the Carmel branch & Citibank attorneys have not been honest with the Department of Fair Employment & Housing, Department of US Labor, Wage & Hourly Division & their clients in Carmel. Citibank attorneys & employees submitted false information, the lies must stop.
Force Citibank to tell the truth.
Time for Corporate America Ethics Reform.
Stop corporate bullying.
Send me an email if you have any problems signing in at:
( or )
I strongly feel I was fired for putting my daughter first, please help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures.
What kind of manager fires you while ill?
Thank you, Damari
How did Citibank make the list of the:
“BEST 100 companies for Working mothers”?????????
Court date is coming up on June 14,2007
All signatures will be forwarded to Senator Barbara Boxer
Why does Citibank lie to clients about firing me? They have told their clients that I left to work for my husband, that I am on vacation, that I don’t work Saturdays, anything but the truth. They even lied about me calling in sick yet my time card proves I was there and my time card was approved by the supervisor.
Please help us, how does the little guy fight Corrupt American Companies?
Working mother and Citibank ethics

Anonymous said...

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